Knee & Hip Pain Doctor Questions and Answers

If you’ve been looking for a knee and hip pain doctor in Austin TX, you’ll find a quality one here with us at Integrative Medical Group of Texas. For more information please call us or request an appointment online. 

Knee & Hip Pain Doctor Near Me in Austin, TX
Knee & Hip Pain Doctor Near Me in Austin, TX

The hips and knees are the body’s largest joints, so pain in these joints can be crippling. We can help a lot, though, here at Integrative Medical Group of Texas. We can evaluate your pain and your symptoms, and relieve even chronic and crippling pain while addressing the underlying cause of your pain in the first place. Contact us or keep reading to learn more about us and how one of our knee and hip pain specialists can help you with your pain!

What kind of doctor should I see for knee and hip pain? 

You could go see your primary doctor about your pain, and maybe you already have, but your doctor can do only so much for knee and hip pain, like prescribing pain medication or referring you to a specialist like an orthopedist, a rheumatologist, or one of our specialists here at Integrative Medical Group of Texas.

At our clinic, you’ll find specialists who understand pain and how to treat it with integrative medicine. We specialize in hip and knee pain and treat this pain with various medical techniques and treatments that are conventional, alternative, and therapeutic. All this means we’re able to offer solutions for pain, spinal decompression, orthotics, cell injection therapies, and more. We want to treat your pain, of course, but we also want to address the source of your pain, and that’s what our treatments can do.

How do I know if my hip pain is serious?

Sometimes hip pain can be quite serious, requiring immediate medical attention at an urgent care clinic or even the emergency room. Seek immediate medical attention if your hip pain was caused by an injury and is accompanied by:

  • A joint that looks like it’s deformed
  • An inability to move your leg or hip
  • An inability to bear weight on a leg
  • Swelling that happens quite suddenly
  • Signs of infection like redness, fever, and/or chills
  • Pain that’s severe

Often hip pain is just minor and treated with rest, pain relievers, and ice/heat, but sometimes it’s necessary to see a doctor for your hip pain. If self-care treatments don’t help with your pain, then see a doctor about it, like one of our doctors here at Integrative Medical Group of Texas.

Can hip pain cause pain in the knee?

It’s common for people to have pain in the knee and other areas when they have a problem with their hip. Actually, sometimes knee pain is the only sign of a hip problem. When this happens, it’s called referred pain or radiated pain, and it’s more common than you might think. This is something our clinic professionals will be able to identify and treat for you. You can come see us if you’re having knee or hip pain; we’ll be able to help.

What are the symptoms of cartilage damage in the knee?

If you’re concerned you may have cartilage damage in your knee, you should look for the following signs:

  • Swelling and pain in the joint
  • A locking sensation in the knee that affects your ability to stand/walk
  • A feeling as though a piece of cartilage or bone has become detached and is moving around in the joint, occasionally getting stuck which causes significant pain

We’re able to help with cartilage damage at our clinic, both with diagnosis and treatment.

Do you have a knee and hip pain specialist in Austin, TX?

Yes, we do! Integrative Medical Group of Texas is located near you at 6905 West Gate Blvd Suite A, Austin, TX 78745. You can reach us at (512) 601-8540. Give us a call today to make a consultation with us or book with us online if you’re having hip and/or knee pain. There’s a lot we can do for you at our clinic not just to treat your pain, but also to address the underlying cause.

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