Shoulder Specialist Questions and Answers

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Shoulder Specialist Near Me in Austin, TX
Shoulder Specialist Near Me in Austin, TX

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body and enables motion in several different directions. Connecting the arm to the torso, the shoulders play an essential function in the performance of everyday tasks, such as eating, writing, getting dressed, and even walking. Because shoulders are such complex structures, they can be subjected to different types of pain. Any part of the shoulder can become injured due to trauma or overuse, which may need to undergo delicate treatments and therapies in order to restore form and function.

What is shoulder pain a symptom of?

Should pain be a common symptom that can manifest from several different conditions, injuries or illnesses. One of the most common causes of shoulder pain involves the rotator cuff tendons, particularly when they become trapped under the bony area in the shoulder. The tendons become inflamed or damaged, which is a condition known as rotator cuff tendinitis or bursitis.

Shoulder pain may also be caused by:

  • Arthritis in the shoulder joint
  • Bone spurs in the shoulder area
  • Bursitis
  • Broken shoulder bone
  • Dislocation of the shoulder
  • Shoulder separation
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Overuse or injury of nearby tendons
  • Tears of the rotator cuff tendons
  • Poor shoulder posture and mechanics

Which doctor is best for shoulder pain?

The best kind of doctor for the treatment of shoulder pain depends on the cause of pain. In many cases, an integrative doctor can best treat shoulder pain as they take into account all of the complex bodily systems involved and treat the underlying cause of the pain, rather than its symptoms. By treating the underlying cause, long term relief is a strong possibility, whereas when only treating the symptoms, the pain is likely to return because the root problem has not been addressed.

What kind of doctor treats rotator cuff pain?

There are several kinds of doctors that treat rotator cuff pain, including orthopedists and orthopedic surgeons. In some cases, a chiropractor can also address these concerns as they specialize in treating the musculoskeletal system, not just back-related concerns. In general, it is best to visit a doctor who uses an integrative approach, as this medical method takes into account the several different lifestyle and environmental factors that influence health.

When should I see a shoulder specialist?

Shoulder pain is a common symptom that can result from a variety of different injuries or medical conditions. In most cases, it is mild and improves within a few weeks, however, it can also be severe and debilitating, preventing one from performing their day-to-day tasks. It is essential to receive a professional medical evaluation when experiencing any of the following symptoms related to shoulder pain:

  • Persistent and severe pain that lasts longer than two weeks or cannot be relieved by home treatments, such as rest, hot/cold therapy, or over-the-counter pain medications, such as acetaminophen
  • Difficulty sleeping due to pain or discomfort
  • Difficulty or pain when attempting to:
    • reach backwards
    • raise arm over head
    • reach across the body
  • Crepitus, which is a snapping, clicking, or popping sound coming from the shoulder joint, and is particularly audible when lifting the arm above the head or extending the arm in a certain direction
  • A previous dislocation of the shoulder, as this can make the shoulder joint unstable or more prone to future injuries (reinjury)
  • An apparent abnormality or deformity of the shoulder or upper arm, as this can indicate a serious injury that may require interventional methods

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